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    The Royal Series explores career paths anyone (even royalty) can enjoy. While we can strive for a royal future of dressing up and leisure, we can also create fulfilling career paths that make our days bright.

    Laura Venos is putting a twist on the classic fairy tale to encourage girls to lead.

    The Royal Series offers princess-obsessed preschoolers more to aspire to than landing Prince Charming. The series features princesses with dreams of becoming a dentist, farmer, and architect—fairy tales for the "Lean In" generation. $10, available at Amazon.com.

    These fun rhyming books with pretty illustrations subtly plant the career seed (dentist! farmer! architect!) without squashing princess fantasies. You can’t lean in too soon.

    These princesses just don’t act and look pretty all day, they are smart, determined and creative. Author Laura Slifkin Venos is also a career counselor and when her daughter shared she wanted to be a princess when she grew up, she knew she would create characters that can be driven and achieve great things while looking like a lady.

    On 4/14/16, Laura will be answering your questions about her three charming books in The Royal Series. Her newest release, The Royal Farmer, is about a special princess who enjoys being outside with nature. She even likes to grow crops and flowers! Each story explores a different career path that anyone, including a princess, could enjoy.

  • The Royal Coder

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  • The Royal Architect

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  • The Royal Farmer

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  • The Royal Dentist 

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  • Laura + Sally

    Laura and her mother Sally are the creative team behind

    The Royal Series. 


    They live in Arlington, VA by way of Allentown, PA.

    Laura Slifkin Venos


    Laura is a college & career counselor and mama of two – a six year old princess-in-training and a three year old busy boy.


    She is passionate about creating career confidence in little ones.

    Sally Samuels Slifkin


    Sally is an artist with a teaching background

    as well as many years in college admissions. The whimsical images you see in this series are all her.


    Check out her website too!

  • For inquiries, contact Laura: lauravenos@gmail.com

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